I started my career in the travel industry as an office junior back in 1973 and eventually owned and operated a successful travel business, Export Travel, from 1983 until August 2017. Deciding on a change of lifestyle, I moved away from the rigors of running a business, to concentrate more on travel which is my absolute passion. I enjoy designing and tailoring arrangements to suit each individual’s requirements and am always looking for that special place or something unique, which transforms holidays into wonderful enduring memories. Together with my husband Ernie we ensure our own personal holidays are packed to capacity, always seeking something to pass-on to my loyal and supportive clients, many who have become friends over the years. Apart from travelling I like nothing more than being in the company of good friends and family, and cooking a meal conjured-up from a recipe sourced on one of my many adventures.

Ernie and I have been World Vision sponsors for 35 years, sponsoring children around the world. My career has afforded me the privilege to meet many of these children and hopefully impart a positive impression in their lives. We’ve also included, into our international family, an Orangutan in Borneo which we’re thrilled about.

There’s not many countries I haven’t visited in the 45 years. I’m so blessed to have experienced so many wonderful places and highlights, too many to list. However here’s just a few that have left an indelible impression on me.

The Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset, camping under canvas in Africa listening to the nighttime animal noises, watching a leopard with her cubs asleep in a tree so close I could hear her breathing, standing over the Devils Throat in Iguassu Falls following a rain storm, sailing from Venice at sunset in front of the Grand Canal and San Marco, walking through the villages of the Cinque Terre, visiting the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors & Giant Pandas, The Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun’s Tomb, rolling cigars in Havana, Cuba, cycling through France, the Camel Fair in Pushkar, wandering the awesome European Christmas Market stalls whilst enjoying a mulled wine or three….magic!


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